When a staff member leaves the district or a student is graduating, they may wish to move some or all of their google data to another google account. 

For Google Drive and Gmail : Use Google Takeout Transfer - You will need to have a personal google (non-students.srvusd.net or srvusd.net account) to transfer files to before you begin. To transfer your gmail and Drive files you will want to go to https://takeout.google.com/transfer . This will transfer a copy of your files, originals will still be in your school account. 


If you have other Google content (other than what is in Drive and Gmail), to download and import into a personal google account, go to https://takeout.google.com and select the items you wish to download from your school account. This site will not automatically transfer your files so you will need to be prepared to import these other files types into your personal account. You can save the files to a USB or locally on a personal computer for import later, however, it does not have to be done at the same time as the download. 


Here is a great Video to help Guide you through the Google Data Transfer/Download process https://youtu.be/iBXet3by4SU